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Indian General Elections 2014: Vote for a better India

Electoral system and more importantly voting is the pillar of democracy. Voting thus play a vital role in democracy and associated election system. With India (the second most populous and seventh largest country of the world) being world’s largest democracy the importance and responsibility as a voter increase that much more. Everybody should understand that Democracy can really work but a true democracy cannot be reflected with a handful voters voting. We all need to vote to ensure the true majority. India will have one of her major decisive election in the coming six months, and we must drive our population to vote for India to ensure a better India in coming years.

Only old voters!!!

The young India is less concerned and aggressive when voting is concerned. The majority of the voters is older people or more adherent supporters. There is a lack of urgency among young voters with a feeling that one vote will not make any difference (nothing will change whether I vote or not). 

One must realize that voting really matters to the health of the Indian political system and to the voters itself. Every vote counts. Voting is the best way to express your opinion and allows you to select the best person with similar views. Moreover voting is the main pillar of democracy and we all have the responsibility of keeping it alive in our country. In short; no voting attitude hurts our country's interest badly. It has been estimated that roughly almost 120 million first time voters will represent the Indian General Election 2014. 

These numbers clearly indicate the importance of the younger generation to vote for a better India.  
The recent trends in five state elections had clearly indicated a major shift in mindset of young Indians and we must capitulate on this resurgence of young minds by reaching for them and mobilize them to vote for India in the coming election to build a more energetic, transparent and strong Central Government.

Motivate the young India: will social media help?

We definitely need to inspire and mobilize young India to come forward and vote in the coming General Election in 2014. Social media’s influence in the modern world is of paramount importance and India is no different. Especially when we consider young and educated Indians and if we want to motivate them, social media will definitely be the most effective option. A social media app will be more favourable as it will have better reach, flexibility and simplicity. It can also be used by cheaper devices at anytime or places. They further offer more personalized options with features like Voice and Group Chat, Live Chat, Chat History Backup, Video Calls, Location Chats, Stickers, Moments, Emotions, Look around, Shake, Drift Bottle to make younger generations glued to them.

Indian General Election 2014

The ideal social media app to drive young Indian voters

Now to drive young Indians to vote we really have to inspire them the proper way so that they can understand the responsibility at hand and participate in voting enthusiastically.
The right app should arise the forgotten patriotic feeling in young Indian and make them aware of the social responsibility of voting they need to fulfil. Our young India (and maybe the whole young generation of developed and developing countries) is becoming too eccentric and self centred. We need an ideal social media app may have: -
  • First the App should run freely over different platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry, Bada or Symbian to have maximum reach
  • Can interact with different existing social media apps and social media sites freely
  • Nice wallpapers of India to develop the love for our country (give them a feeling of their motherland)
  • Debate, quiz and polls regarding Indian politics and election system
  • Inspiring life history of great leaders of our country
  • Talks from prominent personalities remembering them their responsibility towards the country and the importance of each vote
  • Patriotic songs
  • Exciting short patriotic games
  • Celebrities urging the young Indians
  • And many more
Indian General Election 2014

We all talk about better India. So let us start making India by casting our vote for the right people. Voting is one very important civil right. Use it to build a stronger India. Spread the message among young Indians. Young India, come and vote for your motherland. Remember and chant the words of Upanishad “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

Indian General Election 2014

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