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Parenting from the heart: The five gifts for my child’s secured future

When you are thinking of giving your child the perfect gift for the festive season, it is naturally difficult to decide on the right option. The responsibility increases when it deals with their secured future. When I first saw the contest page (What are the 5 things that you would want to gift your child for their secure future and why?) in Blogadda I was really thrilled to find such an interesting topic to write about, which will eventually help us to take the right decision in life while giving away the secured future as gifts to our children.
Gifts are always valuable no doubt whatever it is. We still longed for gifts at this grown up stage and feel really happy when someone extends one to us. So naturally children love to receive gifts at every stage of life. Moreover gifts cannot be and should not be judged on materialistic values. Every gift whatever small it may be is special. It bornes the memory of being a gift and carries the eternal love of the person giving it. Gifts are always precious. So the right gift may not be always very expensive but should deliver the perfect balance between the expression of emotions and responsibility.
The future of our children is of paramount interest and one should not take any risk and chance with it. So choosing the five best gifts to secure our children’s future is no way an easy task at hand.

To make my child feel competent

The most important gift to my child would be the right words of praise and encouragement to boost my child’s confidence when needed most. It is always a tricky yet very important situation to stand by him and see him tackling little challenges (childish challenges of course) in life successfully. This is essential to make him grow up as an efficient problem solver who loves to take challenges and try out new things. He will then never retreat when stuck by obstacles in future life.

Sharing my values

Sharing and giving my child the values of life is extremely essential. How I want to see my child develop? A person is incomplete without the vital moral values of life like honesty, responsibility, tolerance, persistence and kindness. This is my duty to gift them to my child to secure his future.

Healthy relationship

One of the best things I can give to my child is a strong and healthy relationship. A happy family will give my child the sense of comfort and security that nothing else can provide.

Stress free environment and a kiss

Giving my child a stable, predictable and safe home environment is really priceless. I will like to manage my own stress and anger efficiently to create the perfect harmony at home. My child will learn from myself only and will always try to imitate me. I want to present him with the right stress free environment and of course the kiss of love for him to cherish so that he becomes more self confident and feel secure.

The right insurance policy (Money matters)

Last but not the least I will like to give my child a monetary secured future as money matters. Money is not everything in life and should not be the main focus of life. But still we cannot survive without it. To live happily we need it in substantial amount to remain stress and tension free. Definitely I will like to secure my child’s future with the proper insurance plan to cover his future essential expenditures. His expenses will only increase with growing age and inflation and it will be impossible to meet them without the right insurance policy (definitely no one will like to curtail them). This will be the most valuable gift that I can give to my children.

So I will like to give my child the above five gifts to secure my child’s future which I consider best at this moment to make my child feel safe, secure and assured in future life. May this become an unforgettable and precious moment in my child’s life?

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  1. That's such a sweet post ! Every parent should think in this way..All the best for the contest :-)

  2. Precious gifts all. Well written.

  3. really unique santa. all the best for contest

  4. Well written Debopan.. good luck for the contest to you :)

  5. All the best and I see your kiddo is surely lucky to have such a thoughtful and complete parent.

  6. Nicely written Debo :-) All the best for the contest :-)


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