Monday, September 30, 2013

Great freshness in a cute and small package

Ambi Pur mini vent clip
The Package
When I came across the offer to try Mini Vent Clip from AmbiPur in Indiblogger, I opted for it instantly as I was looking for a good car perfume for some time now. The delivery of the product was very prompt and it reached to me safely within a few days. The first look of the Mini Vent Clip from Ambi Pur (I chose Light Citrus from a range of options) amazed me by its super cute look.

Recently I came across a few of these car perfumes and tried my luck with most of them. I can safely say that Ambi Pur mini vent clip has delivered exactly what it promised, a very refreshing and mesmerizing smell that feels heavenly inside the moving car with all the strains and hustles around. So there is nothing unsatisfactory about Mini Vent Clip from Ambi Pur.

Mini Vent Clip from Ambi Pur has many varieties of perfumes to choose from including Thai dragon fruit, New Zealand springs, sky breeze, lavender comfort and Light citrus. The best thing about the Ambi Pur mini vent clip is that it consistently gives a pleasant smell throughout the drive instead of a sudden hard small burst. You do not need to push or spray to get the required freshness when required. There is also no visible aerosols and the pack will really last long.

My cousin sister, who is quite allergic to various perfume sprays also found it perfect for her as she felt no problem with the Ambi Pur Mini Vent clip installed inside the car.

The design of the product is really smart with a little well-built clip at the back to clip it with the AC vent of your car. It is a very easy process and indeed anyone can perform it without much trouble. It settles quite nicely and does not come out while adjusting the direction of the AC vent. There is also a small switch to regulate the intensity of the smell (you can increase, decrease or even turn it off). These are small yet very important details which make the product even more appealing and I will like to thank Ambi Pur for keeping these intricate details in mind while making the product.

Ambi Pur mini vent clip
Sitting comfortably (the arrow marking the adjustment switch)
The Ambi Pur mini vent clip is rather a small yet powerful solution to your car atmosphere. It will fill your car with a comfortable and refreshing fragrance of your choice. Even that small size is loaded with enough perfume to last for over 1½ months (depending on the use it can last longer). It is really an amazing fact considering its small size and comparing with other similar products available in the market.

So I must say it is a great product at a reasonable price and am sure to have in your car. I personally will go for Ambi Pur only in future also (I still have the free sample running and it will last for a few weeks more). Believe me, you will get addicted to this refreshing feeling and the smoky, dusty and polluted environment in your city will feel like heaven from inside your car (with the AC on and the Ambi Pur mini vent clip fitted on the vent).

Ambi Pur mini vent clip

This post is for the #FRESHNHAPPY campaign by Ambi Pur in association with Indiblogger.

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