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Dream came true with TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair

TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
The Package
Since I joined IndiBlogger (the Indian Blogger community) I never got short of surprise gifts. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner the options and supply have been never-ending in Indiblogger. When I first look at this opportunity I thought to let it go, as I felt that I should take some break from shampoo and conditioner. But when I told my wife about this opportunity she just got mad with excitement. Such is the impact of TRESemme. I never thought getting an opportunity to use a shampoo and conditioner can be so exciting to someone. I then did opt for this opportunity and got the package right in time. The package contains a shampoo, one conditioner and a booklet. Everything was in perfect order.

TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Package content
Among three options available (Smooth & Shine for dry and rough hair, Hair fall Defense for damaged hair and Climate Control for frizz prone hair) I chose the Smooth and Shine one keeping in mind the hair type of my wife and her liking. All types of shampoos are available in 600ml, 225ml or 100ml packs and the conditioners in 225ml and 100ml packs.

The product packaging is in sturdy plastic bottles with secured easy to handle “press open” caps, (with clear indication where to press) which I feel better than the “flip open” types. I found it extremely travel friendly, without any possibility of leakage. They have traditional black and white combination (Black shampoo and white conditioner).
I am giving the snapshots of the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner below along with the shampoo texture. Please check them.
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Press open caps

The textures of both the shampoo and conditioner are of perfect consistency (the conditioner is thicker). They are smooth and light with a nice fruity smell giving a very refreshing feeling (typical of a high-grade product). Small amount of shampoo is needed to produce enough lather. Requirement of the conditioner is also small, indicating they are pocket friendly in the long run. Massaging the shampoo and conditioner in your hair and scalp will give you a luxurious feeling (we both felt it) with nice aroma filling the bathroom. The other thing that I liked most is that it can be washed away very easily without any greasy feeling.
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Ingredients: Shampoo
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Ingredients: Conditioner
After the wash it gave a great clean, soft, smooth and shiny appearance and it lessened the frizz. The effect is even better when the shampoo wash is followed by the conditioner. The hair texture is becoming better with every wash. We highly recommend this product for people with dry and rough hair and cannot really find any cons in it.
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Texture: Shampoo
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Texture: Conditioner
TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair
Ramp Ready Hair
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Hair is an integral part of any woman’s life. Having a perfect hair tone is every woman’s dream. My wife dreams of having that black and shiny straight hair with perfect flow and bounce as often seen in television and movies. But in reality it is almost impossible to achieve it (before getting introduced to TRESemme).

The use of different products usually gives a short-term result leaving the hair dull and lifeless.  Not that getting a perfect Ramp ready hair is a necessity, but a dream is a dream and it is an overwhelming feeling to get once dream come true. TRESemm√© exactly did that with great perfection. Using of TRESemme hair shampoo and conditioner is really an awesome experience. After using them, I must say that these products are definitely way above average. When I saw the hair of my wife I was just astonished. It gave mesmerizing result indeed.

Regarding Ramp Ready look and hair design, I like my wife’s short hair to be let loose with perfect shine and bounce. The dream of having Ramp Ready hair at home has eventually become a reality thanks to TRESemme.

TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair

This post is for TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair contest by TRESemme in association with Indiblogger. Interested persons can visit TRESemme India Youtube channel.


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