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Tantra by Adi: a Book Review

Tantra by Adi
Tantra by Adi
When I have the first look of Tantra by Adi, I was a bit confused. I am not very familiar with the vampire type of stories (I have watched a few films though and know about the Twilight series and Bram Stoker's books on Dracula) and that too in Indian context is out of the question. So I was eagerly waiting for the book when I got a chance to review the book (courtesy BlogAdda Book Review Program). Let me tell you the book did not disappoint me in any sense and my curiousness was answered in all respects. I never thought that this book will give me so much reading pleasure. I would like to thank again to BlogAdda for giving me this opportunity.

The central character of the book is Anu, an Indian living in the US. She is a professional vampire killer (guardian) and successful in killing most of the dangerous and toughest vampires. She came to New Delhi to avenge the unnatural death of her beloved one. But after reaching India she got involved in arranged marriage issues, which is very frustrating for her. She has to take a decision between whether to keep on track the killer (thus taking the revenge) or to get married as par family wish.

The total journey and dilemma of Anu is very well portrayed by the Author. The Indian touches to vampire issues with Vedic insight is very commendable. The author has done a very good research and it really has the right impact on the story. Though I am not a fan of too much detailing in fiction, as it sometimes hampers the pace of the story and this one is also not an exception (in a few cases). But extra detailing is better than none or less.

Overall it is an interesting read and full of excitement. As I have already said that I am not very familiar with this genre and so a bit curious at first. But reading this book has made me a fan of this genre and I am looking forward to read a few more in near future.

The pace of the book is perfect except few minor cases and it covered the total range starting from romance, love, friendship and emotions into action, drama, revenge and politics. Spirituality, superheroes and vampires complete the list. It’s a total action packed thriller. You will also find family values with Indian context. 

But I must say it is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is a must read for vampire lovers though and for people like me who loves to experiment with different genres. 

I must congratulate the Author Adi for this exciting creation. If you are interested you can have more information about Adi here.

I must also mention that this is not a paid one and opinion expressed by me is totally unbiased. I have just expressed my own feelings after reading the book.

ISBN: 978-81-908636-2-9
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 195/-
Pages: 335
Publishers: Apeejay Stya Publishing
My rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Quality review Debopam , thanks for this.

  2. Good review even though I do not like reading about vampires.

  3. Good one. My review of the book is fairly similar


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