Friday, September 14, 2012

Melbourne Magic

Melbourne the queen city standing firm
with its architecture glory, old world charm.
From vibrant skyline on Yarra river
to rising excitements of sports-fever.
A quiet drive through the Great Ocean Road
will clear your mind and take all load.
Be it scuba dive, surfing or penguin parade,
wildlife & hiking trails are awesome, don't get afraid.
Nature's wonder, the Campbell rock formation
a city tram ride will satisfy your passion.
Exotic beaches and Melbourne cricket ground
an excellent city to walk around
Exciting platters and a drink in pub, wow!!
It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

-By Debopam Banerjee

This is my entry for the " It's your time to visit Melbourne NOW " contest in IndiBlogger


  1. You do have an inclination for poetry... which seems untutored right now. Why don't you try the syllabic form for a change? Decide on a number of syllables for a line and have lines with the same number of syllables... with rhymes thrown in, if possible.

    All the best for the contest.

    Arvind Passey

  2. Thank you for your kind suggestion. Indeed I am new to poetry. I will try my best. Thank you again.

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