Monday, May 28, 2012

Sun fun with Kyra

One day I came and saw my wife was quite morose and upset. When I asked the reason I came to know that she was depressed about the roughness and tanned look of her skin due to the scorching summer she has to face everyday. This is a very common problem to every women of the tropical countries specially this time of the year. So it is nothing new to me. I thought that the problem will last throughout the summer.
I was wondering about our plan of visiting the nearby beach in the coming weekend. How she will cope the sun on the beach?
But amazingly that trip has changed the scenario completely. Very first day she came across Kyra and got the greatest solution of her problem. The solution was so simple. Just use Lakmé Sun Expert and enjoy the sunshine.
Thank you Kyra for making my holidays as enjoyable as it could be.


  1. Glorious and shimmering beach shot. And by the who is this Good Samaritan Kyra ?

  2. This post is a part of "The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest" in indiblogger. Kyra is a fictitious character...


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