Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here’s A Company That’s Giving You Naturally-Coloured Garments

The amount of water which is contaminated during dyeing process only one t-shirt is enormous. The textile industry has heavily polluted our fresh water sources but thanks to one couple, our water sources can breathe a sigh of relief. They are using natural colors on textile and saving you from environmental guilt.
Sonal and Arun Baid prepare dyes using natural ingredients like spices, nuts, indigo, turmeric and flowers. They reinvent the good old Indian tradition of coloring garments to work in the modern era. Their sole goal is to change the way of coloring our world. Their effort has slowly revived the age-old tradition of India to use natural colors from medicinal herbs, thus serving the dual purpose of coloring the clothes and protecting us from diseases.
Sonal and Arun formed Aura Herbal Textiles in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2000 where they dye clothes and fabrics with natural colors for customers across the globe. Their products are receiving a huge response in India, Europe, Australia and Japan. They even supplied their garments to Bollywood. The couple has opened their own retail store. Hope their venture will spread across every Indian city and our best wishes for their green venture.
  • 8,000 different synthetic chemicals are used in textile industry most of which are released, untreated into freshwater sources (accounts for 20% of the industrial water pollution)
  • Toxins can get absorbed into the body through snugly-fitting synthetically dyed clothing causing skin allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Around 70 percent of textile industries in India are unorganized and flout stringent laws for safety leaving most textile workers exposed to the toxic dyes
  • Aura Herbal uses medicinally rich herbs for dying
  • Standard Certified (Global Organic Textiles)
  • 1% revenue is shared for social cause
  • Almost zero carbon footprint
  • Total recycling
  • Aura Herbal Textiles Ltd is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
Find out more about Aura at http://www.auraherbalwear.com

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