Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Story : How A Laborer Became The Richest Indian In UAE

Dr KT Rabeeullah

It is true that millions of Indians have migrated to Gulf countries in search of better jobs to turn their fate and earn more. Most of them have to work as laborers and earn meager wages. This is a similar story of a man who went to the UAE as a construction worker in search of a better life and today became one of the richest Indians in UAE.

Dr. Rabeeullah from Kerala now owns Shifa Al Jazeera Group; one of the largest medical groups in UAE.

Born in a poor family in a village called Malappuram in Kerala, Dr KT Rabeeullah came to UAE nearly 30 years ago as a laborer. He started working for 600 Dihram at a building construction site. During his job tenure, he realized that his health will soon decline as the work was extremely strenuous and the climatic condition was also very different and harsh in UAE. Moreover, there were no proper healthcare amenities available to the workers.

This prompted Rabeeullah to form a Medical Group that will work towards providing health services to the poor at affordable cost.

However, it was a big mission and required a substantial amount of money to start. Rabeeullah is not among those who give up hope and determination. He started accumulating a portion of his earnings for the next ten years and finally formed a small health care center. Some doctors also came forward and supported his mission. Gradually Rabeeullah won the heart of local people by providing quality health care services at low cost. He, along with his daughter Najiha set up a modern hospital under the banner of the Shifa Al Jazeera Group.

Today, Dr. Rabeeullah is running 50 hospitals and 12 medical centers with the help of 700 doctors, which is one of the world’s largest medical groups.

In coming days Rabeeullah wants to set up medical institutes in Gulf countries as well as in India. He also wants to establish a hospital having all the modern medical facilities of the world. Jazeera Medical Group with the help of 700 doctors and 10,000 health workers is providing health care services to millions of people every day. The credit simply goes to the visionary and perseverance of Dr. Rabeeullah.

Rabeeullah always remained devoted to help the poor and needy people even after becoming a billionaire. He donates 10% of his earnings to charity for human welfare.

Recently, he introduced a program that gives monetary support to poor and backward class villagers along with free medical facilities. From its onset Jazeera Medical Group is trying to give all the possible support to countries and population affected by natural disasters. Rabeeullah helped immensely during the tsunami, the Gujarat earthquake and the fire at Calicut. Recently he gave 150,000 Dihram to rescue poor workers stranded in a prison in the UAE.

In 2006, the Government of India awarded Dr. Rabeeullah with “Prabashi Bharatiya Samman”. Providing proper health care services to every section of the community is one of the major challenges the world is facing today. We need more people like Dr. Rabeeullah to help us achieve a society with adequate medical support to people irrespective of economic position.

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