Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Girl Got A Package Of 30 Lac Had Set up Her Own Company In College

Ashima Jain, a student of BA Hons in Economics at Stephen’s College, Delhi has been offered a package of Rs 30 lakh by the multinational company Parthenon.

Ashima, has conducted several social campaigns while being a college student. Ashima and her group of friends connected with social activities by helping in the promotion and marketing of small NGOs. She is also the president of college’s Social Entrepreneurship Organisation “Inacts” and is linked to many other social services. The student from Rajasthan is in the spotlight again through this job offer.

Ashima was always topper in her school days as well. She got 96.40% in her 12th grade examination from MGD School, Jaipur. Her father Dr. Komal Jain is a businessman whereas her mother Bindu Jain is the Vice Principal of the Maharani College, Jaipur.

Made a Social Group During the Second Year in College

Ashima formed an NPO (Non Profit Organization) along with her 5 friends from Stephen’s College to provide publicity and marketing to the small NGOs running in Delhi. These small groups, though doing admirable social work receive little promotion that they need desperately to increase their reach.

She launched a Safe City campaign, which surveyed various drawbacks of the city such as the dark areas, the lack of street lights, the shortage of women police officers or constables and dearth of CCTV cameras in important areas. They made a file containing all the details of the survey and handed it over to the Delhi police.

She joined hands with Lakshyam, an NGO helping small children and women to launch a new campaign on children and women abuse. She also helped in raising awareness to campaigns spreading cancer awareness, collection and recycling of papers that played a big role in the maintenance of the town.

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