Saturday, July 2, 2016

How to Know If You Are Allergic to Sugar

Allergic to Sugar

Allergic to sugar! Though it seems surprising, but there are people showing allergic symptoms on the consumption of sugar like puffy or red skin with evidence of rashes.

Sugar may affect both physical as well as the psychological status of an individual. Though the fact may seem quite startling, but according to the experts a person may have sugar intolerance and allergic reaction. Some of the immediate reactions that may develop from sugar allergy are itchy mouth, diarrhoea, cramping and skin rash. Individuals having sugar intolerance may experience fatigue or gastrointestinal problems as well.

However, sugar intolerance may arise from certain underlying issues that aggravates while eating foodstuffs containing sugar. One of the problems may be an imbalance in the microbes present in the gut with possibility of yeast overgrowth thereby causing conditions such as inflammation or skin rashes.

Alas! It is not only the sugar from sweet dishes that is the culprit, but natural sugars that are derived from fruits may also worsen the problems in individuals with sugar allergy.

If you find yourself uncomfortable following sugar consumption, then try to avoid natural as well as added sugars containing white flour, bread, fruit juices etc.  You should also stay away from alcohol. Adding a good amount of protein and non-starchy vegetables to your diet is always recommended, since starch gets converted to sugar during metabolism.

But, before getting too harsh with your dietary regime you should first figure out the actual sugar containing foodstuffs that your body is reacting to badly. It is better to narrow down your consumption of sugar that you find yourself intolerant to. You must maintain a balanced diet and keep a watch on what actually is causing the flare-ups, instead of straightway cutting down all the sugar items.

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  1. Never came across anyone with this allergy but know quite a few with lactose intolerance. And natural sugar also involved as an allergen is a bad news. Thanks for sharing this!


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