Thursday, June 16, 2016

ebakery – One Stop Destination for Cakes!

Today’s generation is known for risk appetite! Never before there was so much rush to start something on own and be a boss for oneself. The gen X has confidence, will power and thirst for doing something new rather than work on boredom 9-5 job. A lot of novel and innovative ideas have transformed into actions that are further budding into start-ups. Food is an evergreen product to sell and never off-the-shelf requirement for any human being. The very reason of numerous opportunities and desire to try new gourmet foods by humans has given rise to Food startups in India. The advent of technology and ease of transacting made it possible to get any kind of food to any place at any time giving wings to food-tech companies. eBakery is one such startup started with an ambition to be “go to place for cakes and confectioneries”. This food-tech has been started in Hyderabad, the Nawab of food! As the name suggests eBakery sells bakery products, sorry delivers happiness in the form of cakes as per its co-founder Ravi Teja. Let’s find more about this venture, present status and future prospects from the chief happiness officer, a title given to him for delivering happiness every day!


What is eBakery and how did it start?

As you rightly said, we deliver cakes and confectionery items like pastries, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, homemade chocolates to our customers. Unlike other confectionery companies, we don’t have a physical store, we only have an online presence. If anyone wants to order, they can do the same by selecting, customizing the product in the site and making payment online.
It all started while I was working in Cakes N More as store manager, 4 years back. I have seen end-to-process from ordering to delivering the cakes and thought that there is abundant scope in improving the whole process. Those days, it was a painful process starting from ordering, collecting payment, delivering, updating the customer etc. I wanted to give a pleasant experience to the user. It should be a pleasure, but pain in sending gifts to your near and dear ones. (Change as per your need - will require re-writing)

Why should someone buy from eBakery when there are physical stores nearby?

Many of these physical stores doesn’t provide high quality and fresh cakes. Most of them are 1-2 days old. Unlike them, at eBakery every cake is prepared only an order is arrived. Thus, we don’t have old/dry/soggy cakes. We have fresh, tasty and soft cakes that come with un-compromised quality. Secondly, they can’t make all kinds of 3D cakes or fondant cakes. We have the chief baker/chef of India’s best bakeries that had trained present store bakers/chefs. In a literal sense, they are Master Bakers/Chefs.

Does this mean your cakes are pricey?

No, not at all. We give the best price for our customers as we don’t have wastage, physical stores, franchise fees etc. We try to deliver most of the cakes (fresh and newly made) in 2 hours. This makes our cakes affordable and adorable!

How many members are working here?

We are a marketplace operating online catering to customer needs. So, I would like to call my suppliers as partners than vendors. We are there because of them and fuelling them with orders and technical support. We are in the process of creating hundreds of micro-entrepreneurs. We will have that discussion later.

Okay, how many co-founders and who are they?

(Smiles) In strict terms, there are three co-founders. Me and Divya (an entrepreneurial woman who takes care of our finance), Vinod (one who takes care of operations)

Currently, where are you operating?

We are based out of Hyderabad, Nawab of food. We have three confectionery partners who are can cater to any part of Hyderabad city. We deliver to any end of the city (patenercheruvu, medchal, himayatnagar, langar house, you name any nook and corner of the city). We have a highly efficient logistics team that can not only deliver any cake, anywhere and anytime, but also knows how to deliver the cake. It’s an art to deliver a cake as-is!

What are the future prospects?

We already started in Bangalore. We got a home-baker who makes premium cakes. We are scouting for other confectionery partners who can help catering all over Bangalore.
Finally, I would like to tell, (in fact challenge) that no cake shop (either online or offline) is able to deliver fresh cakes as quick as eBakery does!

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