Monday, December 14, 2015

#Friendship: The True Essence of Life

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True friends are the best gifts a life can have. They add invaluable worth in your life and nothing is comparable to it. A true friend gives you a unique feeling of love and security.

The key character of friendship is that you can be by yourself. Between true friendships you can share things of life that you may not share with your parents or dear ones in life. A friend should know you better than any other person in your life. A friend is more like a mirror image of you and a friend should never like you by what you are or your ambitions are.

A friendship depends on honesty and complete trust among each other. You can share your problems and emotions with your friends. Besides, you can guide your friends in life and stop them from doing something wrong. A true friend will never misunderstand you and get offended, rather recognize your efforts.

Another aspect of friendship is that you must accept whether your friend is going through a difficult and busy time. In friendship, although it is important to give quality time to each other, it may not be possible for some friends provide it at some point of time. If that happens in any stage of friendship you must be accommodating and work with it. In this world of digitization it is not very difficult to remain in touch through electronic communications. So, when friends are busy, you still can maintain basic communications and know their whereabouts. The best part of true friendship is that fact that whatever the days of separation (be it a few days to years), it always feels similar to the old times. Is not the feeling so wonderful! This feeling is all about a true friendship. It is a relation where nothing can take away the years that you spent together, the memories you share and love you have for each other.

True friendship needs no formalities and the old saying is still true that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. So, why not come forward and share a hug with your friends and celebrate responsibly to acknowledge the true essence of this divine relation as friendship or yari/dosti whatever you call it can be considered as the true essence of life. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for people above 25 years

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