Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Meaning of Real Togetherness

What does Real Togetherness mean to me? We are living in a world surrounded by technologies and now everything is done by digital mode. We are drifting away from the human touch and our relationships with close ones are badly getting affected.
This era is clearly getting heavily dominated by smartphones and internet. We are not interacting with people directly and using only electronic means to make connection. Most of these connections are devoid of any emotion and human touch. We seldom spend time for face to face interactions.
This is really creating a lot of troubles and emotional stresses that cannot be solved through digital means. The newer generation finding it hard to understand the real meaning of togetherness and being able to communicate in real world without the help of any gadgets.
This also creating a huge gap between the two generations, one used to have direct relation and the other knows only digital connection. Clearly the previous one is much fuller with values such as humanity and togetherness that is missing in the current one that is much more mechanical.
Now, at times when one gets the opportunity to address this issue and say about the things that makes people come together it gives not only a good feeling among themselves, but also gives a strong message to the next generation about togetherness.
Our climatic situation is really bad and most of the time in our country we experience hot and humid condition and no place to hide from the sun. We have no place to seat in a quite surrounding under a tree in cool breeze. The industrialization have resulted in climatic destruction through environmental pollution and cutting down numerous trees without having proper planning. We need to ensure a proper plan to make plantation of new trees to protect our environment. Global warming is threatening us and our end may be nearer than we think. We also should think about our future generation.
We have to take the initiative ourselves and should not keep it for others to take over. Come together and make a collective contribution and enjoy the joy of being together. Let us build the bond between us for our mother earth.
We can also work for better surroundings, a society where we can live more happily and respectfully. Try to avoid living as a single entity. Human are social animals. They want to live together, but we are going away from this principle and calling for unwanted troubles such as mental stress and depression.
Human relation is of paramount importance and it should always remain as the primary goal in our life. Make friends, talk to others, and take care of children and elderly. Never shy away and be shellfish.
If you are ready to take the initiative, and want to explore the real meaning of togetherness then visit the great initiative by Kissanput -Real Joy of Togetherness
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