Saturday, September 19, 2015

Khabar Lahariya: Women Journalists in UP are Catching Eyeballs - KenFolios

Khabar Lahariya

Last Monday, a social media outrage was created on the news that a team of women journalists was harassed and stalked by a man in rural Uttar Pradesh based on a first-person account stating the apathy faced by them from the UP police. The incident went viral that forced the police to wake up from their slump and they eventually cracked the case and nabbed the stalker after months of inaction.

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  1. I did read about it. It is sad that unless you can muster online clout or even offline clout nothing seems to work.

    1. This is exactly what the current situation is.... So, online or offline clout is the only hope left for us now... Thank you.....

  2. Such a bad situation we are in. Unless we raise a voice unitedly, nothing seems to move.
    Latest example was a woman being charged for murder of her mother by BMC when in reality she died because the scooter got toppled because of potholes which BMC was supposed to fill up!


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