Monday, September 14, 2015

Enjoy Stand-up-comedy @liveinstyle


Do you know about Stand-Up-Comedy? It is a style of comic where the comedians have to make a live audience performance and directly interact with them. Usually, the comedians tell humorous stories, one liner or jokes to the audience present and further enhance their act by performing magic tricks, playing music or singing pop songs and so on. In short, they are a complete entertainment package and are perfect to light up any parties.

The most interesting fact in Stand-Up-Comedy is that the audience feedback is instantaneous and this is the key factor for the act of the comedian. The expectation of audience towards a Stand-Up-Comedian is that he or she will provide them a steady stream of entertainment in the form of laughter. Thus, the Stand-Up-Comedian is always under the extreme pressure to deliver continuously. It is a tough job and not many in the world can do it successfully over long periods. 

On the other hand, from the audience perspective, experiencing Stand-Up-Comedy is really enjoyable. A good Stand-Up-Comedian can really light up your party. You must be knowing and experienced performances (if not live at least on television) of great Indian Stand-Up-Comedians like Johnny Lever, Raju Srivastav or Kapil Sharma. Aren’t they great? They can really change the mood of any gatherings and parties. They are indeed top ranked Stand-Up-Comedians in the country, but there is no shortage of talents in this field and many aspirant Stand-Up-Comedians are extremely gifted. 

One of the best features in liveinstyle is that they have a Stand-Up-Comedy section. They are promoting Stand-Up-Comedy for long and helping young talents to build their career as a Stand-Up-Comedian. Apart from some reality shows, there are not many opportunities for young Stand-Up-Comedians to show their flair. Remember that the comedians are, in reality, some of the most ill-fated persons in our society. They are expected to deliver at every point of time in exchange of money. Audiences never expect a slight drop in comedian’s performance. Even though every time they are spontaneously funny, it is a job that is tiring.

Stand-Up-comedy is all about bringing out the courage to step up and endure the tension of performing when your body and mind continuously telling you to run away. Moreover, it is all about performing and having the belief in you when the audience is not laughing. If you think you have it in you then come to the liveinstyle comedy hunt.

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