Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thoughtbuzz: Monitor your Social Influence

The social media phenomena have created quite a buzz and most of the business organizations are taking it seriously. There is a strong realization that being in social media without any clear idea or purpose can be treated as equal to not being there. Organizations want to see their presence felt in social media and there must be a distinct reason for being on social media. So, monitoring of social media activity has now become very much important.

Similarly, monitoring my activities in social media has become important for me as well with ever increasing friends and follower list. Increasing friends and followers call for increase in responsibility. I have to know and monitor what kind of content I am sharing or going through my circles. But, there are not many tools I know about that can monitor all of my social media accounts from a single platform. Then I came across Thoughtbuzz, which offers social media analytics of different accounts from a single platform allowing perfect social media monitoring.

What Thoughtbuzz actually offers

As a company of social media intelligence, ThoughtBuzz offers various web based tools to help companies track and monitor their online presence. It gives a full-fledged analytics service that allows unlimited access to the billions of conversations in social media networks. It also includes features like geo demographics and automated sentiment. It is now Asia’s biggest platform for social media management and analytics.

How it performed in my case


I instantly liked the colorful webpage of Thoughtbuzz and as I always do went to the FAQ’s page for proper understanding of the program. From there I got an initial idea about the different services offered by Thoughtbuzz. Here you can: 
  • Connect four of your social media networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (two for free users)
  • Manage your important feeds
  • Discover and monitor your social influence
  • Interact with your followers and fan base
  • Comparatively analyze your performance against your competitors
  • Choose the content that's working best for you


I readily created a free account to test the system. The website layout is quite simple and I had no problem in creating my account by using my Twitter account. It was just a matter of few seconds. Then I added my Facebook account as well with ease using few clicks only. To get Facebook data, you must have a fan page. I used my newly created page on nutrition and health to test the system and I am giving the screen shot below of the analytics for both my Twitter and Facebook account. You can also give a date range for viewing the analytics.


Whether ThoughtBuzz is really useful or not

Whether ThoughtBuzz is really useful for you or not depend solely upon the user. It may not seem to have that much importance for the general population, but for organizations looking for business management and social media analytics it is a wonderful tool. Individuals working in the field of sales, marketing, branding and support also need this tool to have a completely different view of their social media profiles. The best thing is that this product is that it has a free account option allowing two social media accounts. Apart from this there are two paid options Premium and Enterprise accounts, allowing additional benefit at nominal cost for business organizations. The application can also be used from mobile phone platforms. Overall, it's a very good tool that will become indispensable social media management tools in the near future for management of social media and analytics.

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