Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BlogMint: The Ideal platform for Bloggers and Brands

Nowadays a lot of people engage themselves in blogging. It is really a nice medium to express one’s personal views and share it with like mined people and friends. Now many of the bloggers want to make blogging as a professional and the number of professional bloggers is increasing every day. 

There are indeed a lot of successful professional bloggers in India alone and many others are trying hard to make a living through blogging.

There are various avenues through which a blogger can earn using his or her blog. One such opportunity is to publish paid reviews in the blog. It is a good source of income for the bloggers and the good thing is that you do not need to own a top quality blog or a very good blog to participate in these programs. Of course the better your blog is more will be your earnings and you will see more opportunities. But, unlike other avenues (like using advertisements in your blog) that require a top quality blog to get some returns, paid reviews can be a good source of income for even the beginners.
There are many companies in India that are coming up to the bloggers to write about their brands to get an authentic and true review of their products and brands. This way they are getting some quality audience base and exposure. More and more companies are coming up each day to showcase their products through the bloggers.

The problem is that most of the bloggers do not know these facts or even if they know they not have any means of approaching the companies with their blogs.

Here comes BlogMint that creates the ideal platform for the bloggers and the companies. Here the bloggers will come to know about the companies looking for bloggers to promote their brands through reviews and vice versa. 

I have come across this site recently and readily get myself registered. In less than two months, I have already written seven reviews and the best part is that I have been paid promptly without any problem.

So, BlogMint surely is coming up as a perfect solution to bloggers looking for paid review programs for their blog. 

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