Friday, January 9, 2015

How to make your laptop your office

How to make your laptop your office

Are you aware of it?

To run an entire business with three basic items: a mobile phone, a laptop and an internet connection! is increasing in many entrepreneurs in recent days.
Few years back, this might have been quite out of imagination, but with progress in technology and easy availability of above mentioned resources, this has become a favorable technique for a start-up until the business attain a considerably fixed infrastructure.
Here are some ways to start business without sustaining huge over-head costs.

Expertise required

Firstly, start-up of this type only succeeds in field where there is no extensive human capital use or any manufacturing activities. Nevertheless the individual needs to decide whether it comes under his or her area of expertise, otherwise choosing some other business is advisable.

All you need is a good a laptop internet connection and a mobile phone

A laptop consisting of the latest and most updated features is needed to attain and satisfy the business requirement. Considering a specific brand is not quite significant in particular, but the quality of the laptop should be technically good. Good quality internet connection is a must as since whole set of work performance would rely on the speed of connectivity. The third important requirement is cell phone. This will help contact clients even during travel so that the work is not hampered! In this way hefty investment can be avoided thereby cutting down huge overhead costs like the maintenance, rent, electricity, etc. that leads to immense costs even before a lump sum amount of money is made.

Must have good online presence

Online presence is utter importance for any start-up work in the realm of service industry. Presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. is absolutely necessary to make people aware of one’s business, and also to find contacts that help acquire business and references.

A business needs a team

For an initial start-up at least a few people are required to work with, but to accumulate all of them in one place is expensive! This can be avoided by bringing together like-minded who are quite anxious to work and learn from home and requires same basic things i.e. an internet, a laptop, and a cell phone! In this way everyone can work at pliable hours while covering the deadlines.
These are certain points required to consider that will help in attaining a dream project without having much concern regarding huge seed capital huge finances prior to a successful business start-up. 

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