Friday, September 26, 2014

Useful e-mail addresses for your address book

Useful e-mail addresses for your address book
I have already shared the top five helpful e-mail addresses that you should always keep in your address book. Today I will like to share a few more.
  • A very useful e-mail address is which makes possible for you to enhance the look of your screenshot. All you have to do is to send the screenshot of your mobile to the above address and your device will automatically get detected with the help of the EXIF date and the file will be e-mailed back to you after adding the enhanced device frame. Your screenshot will look even more beautiful.
  • If your phone lacks a dictionary and you are in desperate need of it, just sending a blank mail to with “define myword” as the subject.
  • If you are in use of Pocket as a Read Later Service the e-mail address will be very helpful for you. Save video, weblink and any URL you need by just sending it to the e-mail. The only problem is that one link is allowed per mail. The link has to be given as the body of the letter and not in the subject line.
  • Having problem to manage your tweets from your not so sophisticated mobile? Just use where you can send your Tweets through e-mail. But you have to connect your IFTTT account to your Twitter account. Use #twitter in the subject line to post your e-mail body as a Twitter update. Attached pictures can also be posted I your Twitter account. So no need has expensive mobiles with Twitter apps any more.
  • For uploading your files to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Sky Drive through email, you have Again, you will need IFTTT as it can be done only through IFTTT recipes. For using your cloud storage device you have where you can send any files through e-mail to your cloud drive. This is a paid option, though the free version allows file up to 5mb.
  • You may not know that your Kindle Reader has a unique e-mail address which only accepts documents and not any web links. But through you can send web links and read it at your convenient time.

Hope this information will be helpful and you will have these email addresses on your phone’s address book. You never know when they will come handy even if you already have a high end smart phone.
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