Friday, September 28, 2012

The Krishna Key - Book Review

I received the book, "The Krishna Key" by Ashwin Sanghi, as part of the Blogadda Book Reviews Program and this book simply mesmerized me from the first line.

I am feeling really lucky to have this one. I have not read any of Sanghi’s previous creations and the first I have in mind after reading this is to have them.

The gripping plot with superb interactions of mythology made this novel unique. The Indian history and mythology is so well blended in this book that it is impossible to distinguish the truth and fiction. One cannot read this creation in hest. To enjoy the magical spell you have to go slow by giving importance to every intricate details and placing yourself in the same situation.

Some may find it difficult but I am a great fan of this kind. I feel a thriller with some detective genre is more thrilling than an always fast pace roller coaster ride.

The book starts with the murder of a famous archaeologist Dr Varshney, who was working in Kalibangan (an ancient civilization) and chanced to find some important historical evidence (4 pieces of seals and a base plate) of existence of Lord Krishna. Fearing the consequence he separated the components and distributed them to four of his academic friends for safe keeping. One of is Dr Ravi Mohan Saini, the central character of this book. Along with him the other notable characters involve a lady cop, a mafia don, a leading criminal lawyer, and his powerful daughter. Last but not the least is the existence of the murderer who believes that he is none other than the 10th avatar of Lord Krishna (The Kalki Avatar).

Except Saini the other three friends of Dr Varshney are killed in identical fashion with three signs of Krishna and Vedic slokas left in the murder place. The search for Krishna key begins and the gripping plot continues from Kalibangan to Kailash.

The author took great care in research to pin point every minute details be it historical evidence or modern day event. All the places like Somnath, Mount Kailash, Kalibangan, Dwarka, Vrindaban, Taj Mahal are so well and interestingly described in this book.

The book contains 108 chapters keeping in mind the importance of the number. Each chapter starts with a paragraph describing the life of Krishna from Mahabharata. It contains hint of link between past and present. Today’s science and engineering are blended so well with ancient civilization and God gifted powers of mythology, bringing the possibility of nuclear powers in ancient society and Lord Shiva depicted as nuclear reactor (the source of atomic energy).

The total thought process seemed so unique to me and undoubtedly the author took a lot of pain, imagination and dedication to create this book. At some points the plot seems a bit too confusing and descriptive and difficult to follow. That is why I mentioned in the beginning of this review that one needs to go really slow to enjoy the book.

I congratulate the author for this wonderful heart stopping creation and highly recommend it to the readers.

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  1. Sounds interesting and exciting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Would like to read this book after reading your review :D


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