Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dinner at Haka, Kolkata

I will like to share my dining experience in HAKA in Mani Square mall, Kolkata. The location is quite convenient. It is now a well known Chinese restaurant with only Buffet option. The interior of the restaurant is refreshing with comfortable sitting arrangement. You do not have to walk around to much while getting the foods whatever your sitting location may be. Bright red and black combinations made the walls exciting (typical of Chinese restaurant though). A television set is mounted at a suitable position. I definitely enjoyed the cricket actions taking place at that moment (Pakistan vs SriLanka live action). One important plus of HAKA is the smartly dressed, attentive and well-behaved waiters. There is no chaos.

The menu is not same everyday as expected with decent options:
  • Two soups (one veg/one non-veg)
  • Three starters
  • Salads
  • Two rice and two noodles (one veg/one non-veg)
  • Four main dishes (two veg/two non-veg)
  • Desserts (Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, a sugar coated sweet, creamy cakes)
The quality of food is very good and I really enjoyed it with my family. But I must say that it is not the best of Chinese dishes available in Kolkata. The food is definitely cheaper and is located in a very happening place where one can watch a movie, roam about in the mall or do shopping before hopping in HAKA to have the dinner. I did exactly that and enjoyed the weekend.


4th Floor Mani Square Mall,
164/1 Maniktala Main Road, E M Bypass,

Key Features:-
  • Indian Chinese cuisines
  • 700 (approx.) for two (weekends/ some less in weekdays) (without alcohol)
  • Credit cards accepted (off-course)
  • Its open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


  1. I like Indian Chinese a lot and looks like yu both had a good time!

  2. Those are well taken photographs that support your piece no end. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a great place to dine out with some delicious and exotic menus !

  4. Thanks everybody.... Yes we enjoyed a lot....

  5. This Indian Chinese preparation hacks me all.

  6. looks yuummm ... like a typical Calcuttan I love chinese food.

  7. sounds like a cool place. next time i am in calcutta, i will make sure i visit this place.


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