Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bamboo art

A nice bamboo art from the village of West Bengal......


  1. Looks like a weaver bird's nest as well.

  2. Agree with Mridula looks like nest . Also I feel like a lamp. But nice art.

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  4. Hi Debopam,

    This is good stuff. Loved the design.
    I always had a liking for all stuff made out of bamboo, this one looks elegant.

    Thanks for sharing the click :)


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  5. I was always fascinated by the way the people of the Northeast make marvellous things out of bamboo. My entire living room furniture was made of bamboo in those days when I lived in Shillong. Here in Delhi I cannot afford it! But I love it.

  6. Yes agree with Mridula looks like weaver's bird nest.
    Good capture.

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  8. Beautiful! I am from Bengal but haven't seen this there... though I recently saw some beautiful bamboo work at the West Bengal stalls of Dilli Haat.

  9. Thanks everybody.... It is not a lamp holder.... It indeed resembles a weaver bird nest/ lamp holder... May be it is a dummy of weaver nest....

  10. Hey! How do you do this....this is beautiful!!!


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