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Lucky 6 by Fat Cat: A perfect lottery game for Android and IOS

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat
The below post was written by me for Fatcatgaming for a campaign run on Indiblogger platform. The company Fatcatgaming is promoted by one Sulim malook and his sister who acts as his PA Natasha Malook. They made us write the post and unlike other clients who offer us redeemable flipkart or Snapdeal vouchers, they offered us their company shares and told us we could encash the same after 6 months (the same were worth 100 Euros). Eventually the collected huge sums via crowdfunding from the Asian market and duped One and all and shut shop just before they were to encash the shares.  Hundreds of people were cheated for one of the largest online scam. These people have also tricked all to give their account details which they may use at some point in time. Requesting all to be aware and careful of these cheats.

Lucky 6 by Fat Cat is the perfect lottery game, which is going to rock Indian gamers (both serious and casual) in the near future. It is available for both Android and IOS platform. Many of the young generation are game addict and most of us love to play games using our PC, laptop, tablets or smart phone. Even if we are not that interested in playing games, we still use to play it to pass some time during our journey or when we are waiting for somebody or just to pass some leisure time.
In these circumstances, we usually prefer the free games. But, the problem is that most of the interesting games are not free. They are all free to play for a few steps and levels or even for a few minutes only and then they will ask for some payment to enjoy the full version (though the money required is usually very small).
It is really very irritating, no? Now, can you imagine a really free to play game with full of excitement which has the capability to give you some extra cash or a holiday package and many more? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? It is really too exciting to believe, but Lucky 6 from Fat Cat will just give you the opportunity to win exciting deals while passing some leisure time by playing an exciting game.

Downloading and installing the game

I know that after reading this post up to this point you will be ready to download and play the game right away. So here is the link to the official website You have to download the game from the official website and you will not find it in Google play as reward based games are not allowed to be listed there. You will find the download links on the official website (for both Android and IOS). After downloading the file you have to sign up with your e-mail address and user name, and you are ready to play and earn some rewards. The game also gas referral system, where you can refer your friends and earn rewards from your friends as well.

How to play Lucky 6 by Fat Cat

The game format is really interesting and to be fair quite addictive. It is a lottery based game where you have to choose six of your favorite brands whose positions will change continuously over the course of the day depending on their share prices. At the end of every game the six brands at the top forms the winning combo and winning will depend on whether your favorite brand's position. All you have to do is to select six brands (you can have all the background information about the brands in your dashboard) and then confirm the selection. The excitement is just too much and it will hook you for hours.

Key features of Lucky 6 by Fat Cat

  •  It is a free game. Just download and play
  •  It is really extremely easy to understand and play. So anybody can enjoy and win here
  •  It is a real lottery like game where you can win real money
  •  It has referral system where you can ask your friends to play and win when they win
  •  You can also invite friends and compete with them and even win when they win
  •  Unlimited excitement
Lucky 6 by Fat Cat
Image courtesy: Fat Cat and Indiblogger
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